Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

IMS and slacklining on mt. piana

After the Muztagh Ata Expedition we (me, Tamara Lunger, Paul Guschelbauer) participated together with Matthias Aberer at Gore-Tex experience tour: "Win your presentation at the IMS"

Our project got the most votes on facebook and got the price. Thanks to the fb community for voting!!

"Muztaghata x 3"

June 2012. Tamara Lunger (climber), Armin Holzer (slackliner) and Paul Guschlbauer (paraglider pilot) met at the base camp of Muztagh Ata in China. Three people with three different passions. Yet all three had the same goal: to reach the summit of the mountain, each in their own way.

October, 25, 2012, 6pm
I presented the first time the small teaser from our highline meeting here on monte piana, and then I showed the video "Slack 5000", me and Alessandro d'Emilia higlining at 4950 meters of altitude.

flick; photocopyright: Gore Tex 

After our presentation the "Pou brothers" started... it was a really impressive presentation, and epic projects...

The day after, the production crew of next years 3D documentary project came here to misurina.
They wanted to test the octacopter, drone and make some filming withe the 3D system. We went to monte piana and rigged 3 lines for the test, 55, 25, and 12 meters long.


Finally we were highlining all together. Me, Alessandro d'Emilia, Aldo Valmassoi and Niccoló Zarattini.

Two epic days spent with my friends...

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